Work from home, in Bali. Work in Bali, at home.

You’ve been to Bali. You enjoyed it so much. It was such a carefree time in your life. The rest of the world was so far away …

Now, every time you walked pass a certain flower, or when you were enveloped in a magical mix of scents that was so distinctive of far away Bali, it jogs a pleasant memory of a precious episode in your life on the island.

How nice then if you could ‘travel’ to Bali whenever you like. Better still if you could ‘work from home in Bali’.

Well, now you can, with Mossif3 Reed Diffuser Romance of Bali.

Created using a mix of essential oils with scents reminiscent of Bali – flowers in the hair of Balinese maidens as they walk past, flower offerings to Balinese gods in the temples, gardens in Balinese spas, frangipani in full bloom and jasmine buds scattered on the ground as you explore the back lanes of Kuta – Romance of Bali is your ticket to the island anytime you desire.

The best part is, while you’re working from home and enjoying the therapeutic effects of Romance of Bali, you’ll be glad to know that it’s also a very effective, natural mosquito repellant.

Just as mosquitoes are naturally attracted to the scents of a garden, there are also certain scents that repel them, which are found in Romance of Bali.

With Romance of Bali, you can ‘travel’ to Bali whenever you like or ‘transform’ your home office into a cosy bungalow overlooking the rice fields of Ubud.

Learn more about Mossif3 Reed Diffuser Romance of Bali, or how you can also travel to other destinations with our range of Reed Diffusers.