Quick Mop

It’s non-toxic and made with natural extracts and bio-degradable materials. Ideal for use in the kitchen, dining area and just anywhere else. Mossif3 Roachrepel works by using Chemo Sensors Shield Technology to mask the environmental cues roaches use to trace their food and water. Deny them of food, water and shelter. This will stop the colonies from expanding and wipe out eventually.

Quick Wipe

Mossif3 Quick Wipe is heavy duty in removing stubborn oily stains. It is made from Wintergreen Oil and other herbal extracts, 100% non-toxic and is used to repel ants. Wintergreen Oil also contains health properties that is used to treat skin conditions.

Spray & Mop. It is that simple.

Repelling cockroach at one go with refreshing feeling under your feet.

In every round of cleaning

Usage Methods