Ants Control

Variant of ants

Mossif3 Antzout is designed to target as many species of house ants as possible. There may be species that won’t be attracted to Mossif3 Antzout due to different feeding habit.

​There are 2 variants of ants:

Protein Ants include Fire Ant, Thief Ant, Pharaoh Ant and Carpenter Ant.

Sugar Ants include Carpenter Ant, Pavement Ant and Pharaoh Ant.

Why Mossif3 Antzout?


It’s non-toxic and made with Boric Acid (a common food preservative used) and other food grade materials. Ideal for use in the kitchen, dining area, garden and just about anywhere. Adult ants will consume it and when it dries up they will carry the substance back to their nest for the nymphs to digest and feed the queen, this then will wipe out the entire colony.

Usage Methods