Product Information

Mosquito Repellents

Mossif3 repellents protects people from Dengue by repelling Aedes Mosquito.

Made from Oil of Lemon eucalyptus which is a safe alternative to DEET which is the most common synthetic commercial insect repellent today.

Lizard Repellent

Made from 100% natural ingredients.

It repel lizards with Chemo Sensors Shield Technology which masks lizards’ environmental cues that they use to sense food and environmental information, disrupting survival instincts thus forcing lizards to migrate.

Cockroach Repellent

Roaches are known to cause deeper health issues. Known as Aeroallergens, these protein left behind by the droppings or body parts of cockroaches have been known to trigger asthma attacks and other allergic reactions.

Without killing them or leaving any carcass behind, Mossif3 Roachrepel works by masking environmental cues roaches use to trace food and water. Deny them of food, water and shelter, it will stop their colonies from expanding and wipe out eventually.

Rat Repellent

Often, the easiest and low cost solution is through baiting but with the modern building design and structure, a decomposing rat carcass can create a huge ​issue to financial, environmental and health.

Mossif3 Ratzfree repel rats by masking its chemo sensors from picking environmental cues that it requires to sense food and water. Without food and water, rats will not nest. 

Ant Repellent

Made with non-toxic ingredients and other food-grade materials make Mossif3 Antzout ideal for use in the kitchen, dining area, garden and just about anywhere.

When Mossif3 Antzout is in liquid form, adult ants will consume it and when it dries up, they will carry the substance back to their nest for the nymphs to digest and feed the queen. This then it will wipe out the entire colony. 

Reed Diffuser

Feel Asia’s culture and identity in the air.

Mossif3 Reed Diffuser contains essential oils that effectively repel mosquitoes, while awakening your senses and soothing your mind and soul.


The main inspiration behind the design of Mossif3 Cleaning Products is to introduce a cleaning solution that is not only effective but also having the safety of families and the environment in mind.

It is a non-toxic product that is made only with essential oils and naturally derived surfactants formulated to effectively remove stubborn oils all while repelling pests in 1 go.