• Convenient and hygienic: Repels lizard without close contact
  • Non-Toxic: Safe to place near children, pets, and food. Effective and Safe for Kitchen use.
  • Eco friendly: made from natural and biodegradable ingredients
  • Wider protection: protects an area of up to 100sqft.

Chemosensory Shield Technology

  • Eradicates nesting and breeding – Prevents lizards from sensing its environment cues for food and water thus forcing it to leave the area
  • Long lasting – Lasts approximately up to 3 months.

Usage Methods:

  • Open the box then remove the powder sachet from the foil bag and insert it into the dispenser card.
  • Place Lizardfree sachets in places where lizards often spotted, high above if possible and away from wet area.

Chemo-Sensor Shield Technology

  • For hygienic and safer protection
  • Protect more area to avoid lizard moving internally (within the house/premise)
  • Each pack contains up to a 100sqft. Use more pack if the room is bigger
  • No worries, its reptile’s territorial nature. Lizards will leave eventually
  • Avoid windy and sunny area
  • Place where lizards are often spotted
  • Lizardfree takes 3-5days for it to work effectively


  • KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not to be taken internally. Avoid contact with eyes. If accidently splashed on eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. If swallowed just take plenty of water, do not induce vomiting. If accidently spilled wash skin with water. Wash hands after use.

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